Corporate Training: For Foreign Languages

In today’s fast growing global market, business, technology and culture are exchanged and the world is moving in the direction of becoming One Global Village crossing linguistic boundaries, and COMMUNICATION is the building block in any development.

Business contact between India and other countries is booming. As cross-border trade and investment between the countries grows, executives need to learn to work with one another and adapt to the other’s expectations. Thus, it’s inevitable that a company’s executives are prepared linguistically as well as culturally for Client Interactions and Meetings, Transfer of Technology to counterparts at diverse locations, as well as Business Trips etc.

The American Institute understands that every client has a different need when it comes to learning a foreign language. American institute has therefore evolved different course modules for different requirements. Such as French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

 The American Institute has the Ability To:

  • Understand your requirements and provide intensive language training to your employees, with focus on the conversational aspect (Either at your organization, or at American Institute).
  • To schedule the duration of the course according to the client requirement. All our courses are customized as per the client’s requirement.
  • Provide country-specific cultural sensitization training.
  • Provide comprehensive study and practice material for future use
  • Take the exams and submit the students’ report.


The education and knowledge offered at our Centre or your Organization is rendered by a team of highly experienced, talented and expert linguists who are well versed. The professionals employed by us adopt innovative, interactive and interesting methods to teach the language, which is quickly learned by the students .these experts interact with the students in most polite, courteous, ethical manner thus establishing a comfort level most suitable for learning. 


We work with you and hope you have a rich learning experience that benefits you and keeps you motivated