Before you book

What are the timings for classes?

Can I do a Trial Lesson?

Do you offer weekend classes?

How many students are in your group courses?

I cannot come to your institute. Can the teacher come to my place / office?

My kids cannot come to your institute for tutoring. Can you come to the school house?

Do you also provide classes in Vashi?

Is it better to join a group course or to learn one-to- One basis?

How long does it take to learn the basics of a language?

I don‘t have any experience learning a foreignLanguage . Is that a problem?

Who are some of your embassy and corporate clients?

Where are your teachers from?

Are you affiliated to any university?

Do you also offer classes in cities other than Mumbai?

Can I do classes on Skype?

Where is your institute located?

Can l find language on Google Maps?


When do I have to pay for my hours?

Are the fees different when I take classes at home from when I come to your institute?

Is there a minimum amount of classes I have to book?

Can I pay for my classes one at a time?

Can I reschedule my classes?

We are taking a customized group class. Can we have separate invoices?

What if one member of a customized group misses a class?

How can I pay my invoice?

Can I also pay with my credit card or demand draft?

How do you use my personal information?

Our language courses

Do you provide exam preparation classes?

Do you issue certificate for language courses?

Which language is more in demand in the world?

Which books do you use as teaching material?

Do I have to do homework?

Translation and internship placements

Do you provide translation and interpretation services?

Which language must also help me with an internship or job placement?


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