Welcome to The American Institutes Of Languages!!

Our Journey So Far

The American Institute has been the leading name in Foreign languages , Personality Development & Public Speaking Training since the past 21 Years and has managed to impart it’s expertise ever since. Year after year we did not just manage to fulfill our promise of giving our students the extra edge required in today’s competitive environment or moulding our students personality in the most impressive manner, but we also managed to receive an amazing response from the parents who were so keen for their child’s growth. The students left their touching notes in our testimony book. We have typed out a few of them for your reference on our testimony page with the name and phone number of the students.



Special Sunday Batches  for Personality Development & Public Speaking Start 24th September , 2017. Owing to the amazing response received by our  institute after the successful completion of our so many batches on personality development & Public Speaking, we at the The American Institute are happy to announce that  we will now be holding a new Sunday   batch for Personality Development & Public Speaking wherein the entire session is completed within 6 weeks.

Notice: All Batches filling fast.


(weekday Batches  for Foreign Language)

START: 20th  September ,  2017


(Special Weekend Batches for Foreign Language)

        START:  23rd September, 2017



(Special Sunday Batches for Foreign Language)

 START : 24th September,  2017

Notice: All Batches filling fast.



We at the American Institute have a unique policy of enrolling just 4 students per batch for our Foreign Language courses to ensure better guidance and undivided attention to every student.


Skype Classes

If you are inclined to learn Foreign Language but don’t have the time to attend our classes, we have the perfect solution for you. American institutes introduce Skype Classes, so that you can learn Foreign Language  on the go. With our qualified trainers you can attend our online classes and speak the most spoken language in the world, without leaving the comfort of your home.


Our Expert Faculty:  

The education and knowledge offered at our institute is rendered by a team of highly experienced, talented and expert linguists who are well versed. The professionals employed by us adopt innovative, interactive and interesting methods to teach the language, which is quickly learned by the students .These experts interact with the students in most polite, courteous & ethical manner thus establishing a comfort level most suitable for learning. 


We work with you and hope you have a rich learning experience that benefits you and keeps you motivated.